TikTok Instagram Twitter Facebook! Even thinking about it makes our head spin! How is a small business supposed to be on all of these platforms at once?

Truth is… you’re not! You need to focus on revenue generating activities.

There are numerous social networks to choose from, and developing a strategy might take time and effort. However, the good news is that you may begin by focusing on the most prominent and commonly utilized platforms.

Figure out the one or two platforms that you enjoy. Which platform will provide you with the most exposure to the right audience. Is your brand visually appealing, making it suitable for networks such as Instagram or TikTok? Is it centered on real-time events, and would it function well on Twitter? Is your audience diversified, necessitating the use of other sites such as YouTube and LinkedIn?

Your aims will influence the social platform you select, the content you develop, your target, and other factors. Here are some of the most popular advantages of using social media that you should consider:

  • Increase brand awareness and expose your company to new customers.
  • Reach out to new audiences and demographics on social media who may be interested in your products or services.
  • Improve your customer service services by giving another channel for clients to express questions.
  • Discover your audience’s and customers’ needs, desires, and behaviors–increasing traffic and sales to your website.

Study which platforms your target audience prefers and seek them out on the networks they already use. Perform audience research to know exactly who you’re looking for and may narrow down the platforms they use based on gender, demographics, interests, etc.

Ways to find out where your target audience is online:

  • A simple customer survey is one of the most basic. Inquire about their social media habits, where they receive their knowledge online, and whose influencers they follow.
  • You may tell platforms like Facebook about your target clients for paid advertising, and they will estimate the audience size for you. 
  • Analytics can also determine who your audience is and what they are doing.

Different sorts of material perform better with various social media platforms, so you must carefully assess the content you want to develop and share that would work best for your brand.

Instagram is centered on images, it might not be the best place to share long-form content like whitepapers. Various factors, including your industry, brand, and target audience, will determine the type of content you publish.

Application of various social media channels and successful content:

  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Live Streaming
  • Blog Postings
  • Testimonials

In the end, no one social media platform is best for everyone, as every audience and brand is different. It all comes down to personal preference and what you can achieve with a given application. But if you’re just starting out or struggling with which platform might be best, consider where most of your audience gathers online based on the above demographics. Then, begin making your way through each site, creating a plan of action and a strategy for marketing your content with each one.

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