The customer mindset: Build relationships with our customers that go beyond the products and services that we sell.

The only real way to obtain this information, honest and unfiltered, is to engage your customer base. Create a community where they are willing to share with your brand so you can continually improve and meet your clients expectations.

Gone are the days when a sports model eats a hamburger and everyone runs out to purchase it. Now, we want to see real people doing real things.

What this means for your business is that your advertisement and any related influencers should be someone who is in your target demographic and, even better, someone who actually uses your product. Their authenticity will shine through and will connect with the customer.

We know that people portray themselves differently on each platform and thus you need to speak to them in a way that resonates with them on that particular platform. 

Take the time to determine how your messaging can be different when engaging customers on each one.

Instagram is phasing out the ability to see how many “likes” a post has received. It’s likely that other social media platforms will follow. Why is this important? Because it takes the focus away from getting likes and instead getting engagement! 

Having 5,000 followers does you no good if none are buyers. Instead focus on real people who are in your target demographic, then engage. 

It’s time to consistently stand out from the crowd. Boring brands are everywhere, with their boring social media content. People expect to consume content like binge watching their favorite television show or spending their entire Sunday afternoon watching the Super Bowl. And you want to be heard above all of the noise. 

Think outside the box! Speak to your customer in a way that is different from your competitors and use your imagination!

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