We’ve been living a new post-Covid life! Each business is fighting for the next customer while they sit at home scrolling through social media, especially visual platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Creating the right visual marketing campaign is the most cost effective way to increase your sales.

EJS Project

Start with Your Brand

The brain forms its first impression in 50 milliseconds. What do your potential customers see from you in less than a second? Is it memorable? Is it pleasant? Does it match your brand?

Prior to the pandemic, many companies fought committing to an online marketing strategy, making excuses for why their current plan was sufficient for the future. After the world shut down, businesses realize they need the right visual marketing tools to promote their brand. On top of all that, budgets shrunk, forcing businesses to be smarter, stretching their dollars farther.

It’s more than a pretty image. Branding your photos means that when your client sees your photos, whether there is a logo, they know they come from YOU. That is true brand recognition.

Tell a Story

What tells a better story: the picture of the engagement ring floating in a box or the picture of the ring on the finger of the newlywed?

There are many ways to highlight a product or service. The most memorable campaigns are the ones that tell a story that resonates with the potential consumer. With the newly engaged woman or man, you can feel their excitement, you want to feel that excitement with your purchase as well.

Turn Your Visuals Into Sales

No matter what line of business you’re in, your goal is to increase your bottom line – through sales or donations. Beautifully written copy cannot compare to one magnificent picture.

With 67 percent of people saying that visuals are the most important part of whether they purchase a product or service, how can you ignore it? That’s for the good and the bad. Beautiful images mean more people head to their shopping cart, whereas bad ones mean they leave your site. Which do you prefer?

Your Visual Marketing Solution

This past week, we recorded the stories of five different non-profits: Vita Nova, Dovecot Farms, BeWellPBC, EJS Project and Lake Worth West. With KVLmedia’s offerings of branding shoots, video interviews, and event coverage, nonprofits truly benefit when they share their impact on the community! This visual content allows people to connect with the companies’ mission and get a better idea of where their dollars go.

When you’re ready, KVLmedia is here to help your brand to create eye-catching visual galleries to drive attention to your nonprofit organization site to push awareness and donations to another level

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