March is here, and most businesses and professionals are preparing for a fresh start in 2023 with content creation. 

With every new year comes new dreams, new opportunities and the desire to grow. In our experience, we know that every business looks to expand its reach. Whether you’re an owner-run business looking to increase your revenue in the coming year, or a Fortune 500 business looking to increase awareness of what you do and who you are, now is the time to prepare and plan for the year ahead.

KVLmedia wants to be part of your process. In that vein, we’d like to reintroduce ourselves to you—complete with a rebrand and new solutions to help you achieve your marketing goals, spread awareness of your company and share your offerings. 

We had the pleasure of working with the Palm Beach County Housing Authority in 2023

First, who we are.

We’re a West Palm Beach media creation company with over a decade and a half of experience. We’ve worked with everyone from small and medium entrepreneurs to non-profit organizations and Fortune 500 companies. We create high-impact marketing and social media campaigns, professional videos, and commercials, as well as high-quality visuals and photography.

Our four core services include studio rental, professional headshots, content creation, and marketing campaign development and execution.

You can use these services individually or packaged within one of our media portfolios.

Our staple offering is the rental of KVLmedia Studios. Back when we started out, we realized that the lack of access to a professional studio space was a hindrance to growth. So as soon as we could, we invested in our own studio. Now, we rent it to up-and-coming and professional photographers. We can to ensure that they have the background and lighting to keep their images at a high standard without them needing to put in an unnecessary amount of effort to get the same looks. Creatives, photographers and videographers can rent out our West Palm Beach studio at an hourly rate. We are also pleased to be able to use our studio to give back to creatives and fellow photographers. 

Veleké Brown is the CEO & Founder of E-RoadMap Corporation
and the “Disruptor in Chief” (DC) of Operation No Food Gap in Riviera Beach, FL.

When KVLmedia started growing, we based our business on professional headshots. Our headshots give working professionals the differentiation they need in their online channels and platforms. Giving profile viewers and online connections your best digital first impression helps increase job opportunities, improve your online reputation, and improve your personal brand. 

From the success of taking individual headshots, we began offering Headshot Happy Hour. Headshot Happy Hour is our solution to making sure your company or organization has consistent and recognizable headshots on their online spaces and platforms. Groups use Headshot Happy Hour in a variety of ways: as an added benefit at networking events and conferences, a way to connect at private events or updating all of their members’ headshots at one time. 

Third, from lifestyle and branding shoots to product shots, KVLmedia has thrived on content and media creation. In the wake of online platforms and businesses going to social media for greater reach and visibility, we’ve helped businesses with high-quality content and media creation that gets them noticed.

While a lot of businesses choose to create their own content, we’ve seen the difference that professional content and media creation can make to the revenue of a business. If you’re looking to create content that makes you stand out from the competition in 2023, consider investing in content and media creation from people who’ve been doing it well for years.


Finally, over the years, we noticed that our clients would have a successful photo shoot, and the images or video would end up being dumped on a social media platform (or even their website) with no rhyme or reason. Therefore, we strategized with our clients on how best to use their media through marketing campaign creation and execution. Most marketing campaigns, content or otherwise, fall flat. They don’t have enough impact; they don’t speak to the audience on a deeper level, and they do not interest the viewers in the product. This creates a problem for businesses since money, time, and effort all seem to go to waste. 

That’s where we differ from our competition. We use deep customer insights and key performance indicators to know exactly how to create the most impact from your marketing campaigns. If you’re looking to increase awareness, leads, or revenue, it all starts with knowing your audience and knowing how to communicate with them in a way that grabs and holds their attention. 

Content creation and strategy is something we do best. We will help you meet your objectives by designing campaigns from start to finish.

You might have some questions like “what do these services cost?” and “will they deliver what I need?”. Our studio rental and headshots have standard rates. However, we know that our content and media creation and marketing services need tailoring depending on what you need and the goals you’re hoping to achieve from them.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your goals for 2023, and we’ll help you hit your targets!

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