Why Renting a Space Is Better when Getting into Photography

When KVLmedia created a home at KVLmedia Studios over five years ago, it was a gamble. Taking on the added duty of maintaining a location while continuing business as a photographer and videographer meant more responsibility… and opportunity. Our studio allows you to shoot rain or shine, use lighting and props without hauling equipment around and always have a second (or third) camera on hand, depending on the situation.

Because of budget limitations, many photographers prefer to shoot outside. Don’t get me wrong, we love photographing outside, but there’s so much ease associated with using an indoor photography space. A photo studio provides facilities you cannot find outdoors. Because having a studio requires significant financial overhead, renting one when you need it makes perfect sense. Here, at KVLmedia, we consider a photographer’s needs for pricing, lighting and props. 

Controlled Environment

The most significant advantage of shooting in a leased studio rather than outdoors is that you have complete control over all aspects of the production. Outside, you must contend with a high Florida temperature, occasional wind, frequent rain, and every other environmental element you can encounter. Under these conditions, it is more challenging to create the perfect composition in photography. Even the light might be erratic. An average Florida day can be bright in the morning and covered with clouds by the afternoon. The movement of the clouds can fluctuate from hard to soft. On more extended sets, you can even run out of valuable daylight.

What isn’t always that wonderful? Mosquitos. But you know what’s fantastic? Air-conditioning!

When you shoot in a studio, you are protected from all environmental variables and have complete control. Regardless of how long your project takes, you will have consistent lighting from 6 a.m. to midnight.

You are also contending with sweat when it’s 85 degrees outside with 75% humidity. Our air-conditioned studio can be tailored to your preference, accounting for the use of lights or the activity within the studio. 

You won’t need to drag around your backdrop(s) or lighting kit for simple shoots. For a small fee, KVLmedia provides various backdrops, lighting and video kits to capture the perfect look. No need to set up or break down as you would outside. We have everything you need for a successful shoot. 

The simple truth is that renting a studio provides a comfortable environment where your mind can focus on producing quality work without being distracted by outside distractions. The entire team can be relaxed during the day.

Access to Props and Equipment

When most photographers consider diversifying their portfolio, they instantly think of outdoor scenes. Do you know how many varied looks you get in different places? But shooting in a studio does not have to limit you to shooting on seamless paper or other unimaginative effects.

Understanding how to properly use crucial elements to add texture in photography, color, and composition to your photographs in a way that reflects whatever mood and idea you are after is part of the pleasure of using a studio. You may spoof an outdoor image by cleverly setting it and shooting it in the studio. You can go far distances to exotic locales to achieve the style and feel you want for your portfolio. With a bit of thought and elbow grease, you can create a simple set that will transmit all of the features of an exotic destination while being shot in the studio. Another excellent application for studio photography is generating the optimal negative space photography.

At KVLmedia Studios, we have a 16-foot by 21-foot studio space (totaling 517 square feet), 23-foot by 14-foot cyc wall, backdrop options that include white, gray, black and green, high-speed wi-fi and overhead lighting for any background selection. Some features and benefits that our clients have loved include street-level and wheelchair access, plentiful parking, access to natural light and a dressing room/restroom. For reasonable prices, we also provide space for eating or use as a green room, lighting and grip, and more. 

Don’t forget, we are conveniently located near Downtown West Palm Beach, Palm Beach International Airport and I-95. 

Experienced Help

It might be intimidating if you haven’t worked in a studio before. On the other hand, we have skilled photographers willing to assist. They are available to answer routine inquiries and, for a small fee, provide guidance if necessary.

Renting a studio space may be a learning experience as much as a place to create. Studio owners are experts in their fields. They’ve seen almost everything. Photographers of all genres and levels of experience bring bits and pieces of knowledge that the studio owner collects and learns over time by observing and conversing with them. 

If you want to try studio photography, renting KVLmedia Studios is undoubtedly a great way to get started. It takes time to master studio photography, but it doesn’t have to be expensive, and it’s something that any photographer can (and should) accomplish. Fear of failure is something that we all encounter as photographers throughout our creative journeys; nevertheless, we can only improve by overcoming these concerns and pushing through difficult situations. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and trust me, you’ll be OK. Who knows, maybe you’ll come back for more.

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