Five Reasons Why You Need a Good Headshot in 2023

KVLmedia’s first successful niche was headshots. When you mention KVLmedia, headshots come to mind for most people. 


Because we take great headshots

We have taken headshots for thousands of individuals and dozens of companies and organizations. Their confidence helped us build a recognizable brand named Headshot Happy Hour, where we take photos of their entire group or organization in one setting. People trust us to not only get an impressive picture but one that features you in the way you want to be seen. 

However, we excelled at taking headshots because we’ve always known their importance and want to showcase people in their best light. Selfies are acceptable for social media but unimpressive to employers, strategic partners and clients. A great headshot ensures you’re making the best impression possible, making you feel good about your personal brand and what other professionals think when they see your image. We see that a good, professional headshot gets more views, attention, and responses. 

Here are five reasons you should invest in a professional headshot.

  1. You’ll look better (obviously)

It doesn’t matter if you have the best bio, the best ‘About’ section, or the longest resume. Because when deciding if you’re trustworthy, most people will make that decision based on the small photograph beside your name.

It’s easy to overlook.

It’s also easy to stick with the same “trusted” picture for months and even years. Changing or updating your profile picture can seem like a chore, and most may even consider it unnecessary.

But that’s what many people get wrong about their profile picture. People want to see who you are today, not last year or decades ago, especially if you’ve changed.

Your profile picture shows the world who you are. It immediately gives them an impression of you. That’s why investing in a great professional headshot is priceless.

With a good headshot or professional business portrait, you’re able to put your best foot forward and ensure that whoever views your profile or resume gets the best possible impression of you. 

For example, if a recruiter or potential employer views your LinkedIn profile and sees a blurry or poorly lit profile picture, how likely do you think they’ll be to call you in for an interview? It doesn’t matter if you’re putting out high-quality content; if your profile picture doesn’t match the quality of your work, it creates an apparent disconnect between what you’re saying and who you are.

When asking yourself, “do I need a professional headshot?”, the answer is almost always yes.

  1. It shows that you’re serious about making a good impression.

A professional business portrait allows you to communicate better who you are to anyone who visits your profile or reads your resume. 

When you get ready for a job interview, you put on your best suit – you ensure there are no wrinkles and it’s clean. Why? Because you care about making a good first impression. You want to show other people that you respect them, you want their approval, and you want to make the best impression. 

You wouldn’t show up to a job interview in your pajamas, so why would you want to show a potential employer or client that your best headshot is a car selfie? 

  1. It tells people you’re invested.

Another critical reason investing in professional headshots or professional business portraits matters to profile viewers is it shows that you’re invested and committed to who you are and who you’re trying to become. 

By investing in a professional headshot, you show employers and recruiters that you take yourself seriously and are not afraid to invest money and time to ensure you get a better result.

These are valuable qualities that employers look for in new employees. It makes the hiring process a lot easier.

We’re not saying you’ll get hired based on a professional headshot alone. Still, we are saying that the right headshot will increase your chances of getting noticed and employed. 

  1. You keep your brand recognizable.

As the world globalizes, we understand we are not just our jobs. In this vein, you need to acknowledge that you are (or will become) a brand. A professional headshot shows you are a distinguishable brand across all your platforms. 

Having the same headshot on your resume, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other professional social media accounts gives people a recognizable image that they associate with you.

Not only does this make you easier to identify across platforms, but these are also the first steps to turning your online presence into a personal brand. Whether you’re an actress, eye doctor, or financial advisor, your headshot must match your brand.

  1. Your image is your business.

If you were looking for a doctor online, would you trust the one who took a selfie on a cell phone in a bar or the one who took the time to get a professional headshot in a studio?

If you need the help of a lawyer, would you consult with the lawyer whose profile picture was lounging on the beach in their swim trunks from their last trip to Hawaii or the one dressed in a suit with a hairstyle to match?

This kind of comparison proves that your image is your business. If you don’t have the right image, you can’t expect to receive the same type or amount of business.

While professional headshots are low-cost investments, the returns you make on them are incomparable to what you put in.

The right headshot will have people speaking to you instead of anyone else. 

Interested in improving your brand with a professional headshot that shows you mean business? Speak to our team today and book your professional headshot with us.

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